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Influenced by values and founded on strong business ethics, ClizoTech is a IT Services Company India, established 2013; is passionate about efficiently and effectively solving technical issues of the client. Clizo is well managed by a group of young and experienced people with a strong technical and innovative team.

We’re web developers who are well versed in all major scripting languages, like PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, HTML, JavaScript, Flash and AJAX technology, and database platforms needed to turn your dreams into amazing reality.


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24/7 Hours Support at (+91)956 782 6133

Within a short timeline we are now among the successful web developers and designers, so give us a chance to flourish your dreams!!!

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I was really convinced with the previous works they've done and hence I contacted them, eventhough I'm from Paris and they're in India...And I really liked the design they've done for me too...


Rajeesh MR

Product lead, Vodafone Inc.

Clizo handled my website's design and they did a tremendous job with this. They over exceeded my expectation and showed how a website could be exclusive beautiful and user friendly at the same time. I am very impressed.


PJ Joy

Product lead, Bambo Corp.